Electrical Panel Upgrades

Over the last few decades, the amount of electricity used in the average household and business has significantly increased. Computers, phones, and the appliances of modern life simply demand more energy. Modern electrical panels are designed to properly and and safely meet that demand, however homes with electrical panels installed as recently as the 1980s often contain components that have deteriorated over time, or which simply were never indented to support such high usages. With time, older panels can become a significant safety issues.

Aside from the safety issues, older and typically smaller panels limit the amount of electricity you can use, and the appliances you can use in your house. Do breakers trip if you try to use multiple appliances at the same time? Do your lights dim when the Air Conditioning comes on? These are all signs that your electrical system is overloaded and it might be time for an upgrade.

Some common reasons why your electrical panel may need to be upgraded are:

  • The addition of a major appliance, such as central heating and air, stoves, spas, garage power equipment, and more.
  • Renovating of your home, particularly the kitchen, which is appliance-heavy.
  • You are adding a home addition.
  • To meet homeowners insurance requirements.
  • You’re in need of a 240 volt circuit.
  • You need to add a sub panel.
  • You need/are adding outlets to your home.
  • your panel is full and simply does not have the space for additional breakers