Excavation & Conduit Runs

Have you ever thought about bringing power to a shed or guest house? How about installing a light post or landscape lighting? These are all jobs which, typically, would require you to run your wires through a conduit, underground, or both. Any Job where electrical is being run outside requires special steps to be taken to protect the wires and ensure the elements … or a shovel, wont take their toll on your electrical run.

At C&K Electrical we are proficient at installing Conduit runs both underground and surface mounted to the exterior of your building. We know that a haphazard conduit run is an eyesore, so we ensure that our conduits are installed straight, neat and tightly. We also install expansion fittings so that the expansion and contraction of the conduit as the seasons change won’t cause the conduit to crack. This is a step which is especially important in the New England climate, which is often overlooked.

Additionally, not all Electricians can perform their own excavation for underground runs. But we can. Our Crews can operate heavy machinery, dig their own trenches, install conduit, and coordinate with the town and Call Before you Dig to ensure the job is done to code. Don’t waste time and money hiring multiple teams to do the job we can do solo.